the moment you stop comparing yourself to other people is the moment you can stop hating yourself for what you’re not and loving yourself for everything you are.

you are beautiful. you are unique. you are special.

don’t ever forget that.


if kris says the word ‘galaxy’ one more time im leaving. i dont know where im going but im leaving

made in heaven | do not edit.
made in heaven | do not edit.

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Pros and cons of making food

  • Pros: food
  • Cons: making

Chankaisoo watching the sunset together

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Peppermint Matcha #GreenTea #Addict #Nokcha (at Holycow! Steakhouse)

Peppermint Matcha #GreenTea #Addict #Nokcha (at Holycow! Steakhouse)

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Each year, during the La Scala Flower Festival, about 2,000 potted plants and flowers of different shades and colors are arranged on the historic Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte to create one grand design.

Umin hyung being kkaebsong-ed

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